General Darg – 1:10 scale bust


Spend your free evening or two with this old-school fashioned space bust.

General Darg is customizable resin kit digitally sculpted by Pawel Jaruga, digital sculptor and character artist.
General Darg is collectible stuff for miniature painters, for collectors, for fantasy geeks and for all of those, who just love art.

10,5 cm/4.13? height (with pedestal 12,5 cm/4.92?) ~80g weight;
This is ?do it yourself kit type?, not a toy. Contains small parts, choking hazard.
Not appropriate for children under 14 years old.
Kit is unassembled and unpainted. Resin Kits are casted solid in gray polyurethane resin.
Safety packing.

Shipping and handling:

EU/UK ? 10?
US/CAN/AUS ? 15?
PL – 5?
Other – 25?

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